Welcome to DBIA’s South Central Region

In today’s competitive environment, the need for collaboration among all project team players is more important than ever. DBIA members who live in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee power the South Central Region. Our volunteers and advocates promote the value of Design-Build Done Right® in all three states, proving that collaboration powers industry transformation.

Through DBIA’s national headquarters and our 14 regions, we provide unique opportunities for you to network with peers — both Owners and practitioners — allowing you to make connections that power career and business opportunities, expand your professional reach and create long-lasting impact.



Higher quality outcomes. We engineer their possibility.
If you want to construct a better tomorrow, we’ll give you the insights to do so today.
If you want to drive innovation, we’ll suggest collaboration.
And if you want to tackle design-build challenges, we’ll translate them into opportunities.


We design not just better ways to work, but better networks.
We inspire not just projects, but futures.
And we deliver education and certification that drive not just business transformation,
but industry imagination.


We’re in it for your success.
So welcome to the better side of best.
By convening multiple disciplines, we’ll help you power singular success stories.
We’re a place where like-minded professionals come in and better outcomes for you,
your business, and the industry come out.