"Design-build is no longer an alternative method. It is a main part of how we deliver our program."

-Public Owner

It’s a Better Way to Build

Design-build saves time and money by encouraging innovation and collaboration. The latest performance and market research show design-build is 102% faster than traditional design-bid-build from design through completion, with less cost and schedule growth.

It’s also the fastest growing and most popular delivery method in the nation.

Once upon a time, design-build was considered an “alternative” way to deliver construction projects. Not anymore. These days, nearly half of all the nation’s projects are delivered using the design-build delivery method.

Design-build authority in 47 states + DC

The vast majority of states embrace design-build and are expanding their legislative authority to deliver more innovative and efficient projects. The South Central Region is among them!


Design-Build Growth

The use of design-build has grown rapidly in the past decade and will deliver nearly half of America’s projects. New research predicts that growth will continue at 18% through 2021 with impressive growth in the South Central region.